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Austrian AIRFEST 2017 Vorankündigung
WINGS and WHEELS AUSTRIA organising an airfield festival, the

"Austrian AIRFEST 2017",

on 9th and 10th September 2017 at the airfield LOAG,
Krems- Gneixendorf.

Our aim is to offer our hopefully numerous visitors the biggest Austrian air sports event in the year 2017 (since there will be no Red Bull AIRPOWER this year).   

On these two days, we would like to show our visitors the most extensive and impressive programme that is possible.
An AirShow with aerobatics by oldtimers, warbirds, modern airplanes and helicopters, flight squadrons, gliding, parachuting, ballooning, XXL flight models and some jets are fixed points on both days.    

Ticket sale starts at April 2017.

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